bobobark is a handmade designer piece. A versatile backpack that carries the Parisian chic heritage all the while being comfortable and practical. Most importantly bobobark is completely sustainable!

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bobobark can be worn as a shoulder bag (tote style) as a backpack, or as a briefcase. Simply clip and unclip the straps to turn it into a whole new bag.
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bobobark fits any lifestyle, and any woman on any occasion. Designed with a womans silhouette in mind and to highlight any outfit. On the go or at the office, bobobark will be there to elevate your style.

Designed to flatter the silhouette. A clean geometric shape that was designed to match the ergonomic shape of a womans body and to flatter the silhouette.

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Our bag is handmade from a premium cork skin which is collected and polished in Portugal, until the texture is as soft and supple as leather.

The Organic Cork material we use is 3 times lighter than leather which allows for added comfort. It is resistant and strong, and is completely waterproof. The more it ages the softer and smoother it becomes.

Cork is completely organic & ethical. Collecting and harvesting the bark from the cork tree takes place every 7 to 9 year, and this way does not harm the trees. In fact, this method helps the trees grow and release more oxygen.

Our craftsmen pay close attention to every little detail and every piece of the bag is attached individually to guarantee the highest quality. Our bags are made to last.


Organization is made simple & easy with bobobark. A clamshell clasp opens 180 degrees for a wide and clear view into the bag. A large zippered pocket at the center acts as a divider of the main compartment.

We added a 13” laptop padded compartment which is accessible both from inside and outside of the bag. An easy access phone pocket for easy reach, and a port built into the pocket for a cable to keep you charged on the go. A few more well thought out zips and pockets allow you to organize your treasures the way you like.
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bobobark is made from 100% sustainable and organic cork fabrics found in nature. This material is vegan and ethical. Harvesting cork helps the trees breath, grow, and release more oxygen.